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Speaking pleasing words,

The silence didn’t stay..


Singing useless songs,

The Music didn’t stay..


Loving not love but lust,

The love didn’t stay..


Striking wrong chords,

The guitar didn’t stay..


Wanting to be perfect,

The child didn’t stay..


Going for schools,

The education didn’t stay..


Singing to the society,

The musicians didn’t stay..


Watching lifeless arts,

The painters didn’t stay..


Building machines for others,

The engineering mind didn’t stay..


Throwing all the colors,

Embracing lifeless wonders,

The canvas didn’t stay..


Thinking about images,

The mind didn’t stay..


Plucking the beauty,

The flowers didn’t stay..


Attending parties,

Friends didn’t stay..


Caring about worship and rituals,

God didn’t stay..


Living for and in others,

Life didn’t stay..




They came back,

They all did,

Love and music and life,


They believed,

I too will not stay,


So I joined them on the outskirts,

At the entrance to a life,

Lived and will be lived,

The gates are there,

The fog isn’t,

So I see,

Wish you too,

Till then you see,

Things not staying anymore,


And those which will,

Not all worth it are they ?

She had loved him once.

She had loved him once.
Like the slender silken thread of her dress,
She wove her life around him;

She had loved him once.
In multitudinous wild ways,
She enlightened his life

She had loved him once.
Like the burning lamp,
Her passion glowed through the night

She had loved him once.
Soft like petals, her pursed lips
Curved into a smile every time their eyes met.

She had loved him once.
Her eyes alit with dreams
Aglow with happiness

She had loved him once.
Like an obsession;
She craved for his touch

Ravaged by fate,
She sits limp in a corner.
With glassy unseeing eyes,
Like a porcelain doll.
This beautiful, fragile creature.
She no longer sees him

The after-taste of near death
In the corridors of memories,
Haunted she roams,
And the grave of their love mocks
At his persistent efforts.

She had loved him once.
Willfully, truly, madly, deeply.
And now she didn’t even recognize him.

prompt for the week : love

Well, the blog aint still dead yet guys !  However, we can call it the "phoenix blog" if u may like. Anyhow let us restart the creativity once again. Let the prompt for this week be love....

Always mysterious, always sweetly painful... Always difficult to write about as its unexplainable...

However, I will start with my post .. waitin fr others' also - posts + comments on my writing [ P.S.  u can fake kindness in your comments  :) ]


the pain of a desire ...

As I sit and wonder,

Staring at those deep eyes,

Waiting for her to say something,

But not wanting to hear any words;


I sat like a frozen man,

Lost in the sight of her face,

All I wanted was her arms around me,

But not wanting to disturb her stillness at all;


The way this wind caresses her hair,

And they fall on her face,

All that I wanted was the wind not to flow,

But not wanting it to stop at all;


She broke her stillness,

And looked up as first raindrops touched her face,

Filled me with a desire to cover her,

Not wanting to find a cover at all;


The rain drenches us,

As we sat there silent,

Doesn’t she look beautiful?

As I asked myself;

I couldn’t help but admire,

This placid torture,

The pain of a desire…..


"Forget me not ", I will not say any more
for countless flowers have blossomed in the yard
and bees in frenzied swarms they allure ,
which hum , like the tune of a singing bard.

Let me thus dissolve and fade away .
Like winged seeds , in the winter gale , let me fly
until the wind dies down this fair day .
Then there let me fall , let me die , let me die .

Let me die and arise anew again
but as a plant - life in a different form
and may I savor the pleasure of earth and rain
and may I stand my ground against a storm .


Me the guy
With the twinkle in the eye
Just love to watch
As the time flies by

I hate to work
I'm very lazy
I only work hard
To make life easy

I never give up
Just love to try
When I am angry
Things around me fly

I like to eaaaaat
But not a lot
With my imagination i jump
Over the rainbow a lot

I'm not adventurous
Its just not meant to be
I take my life
Like it comes to me

I always aim high
As high as I can
To touch the stars
Is always my plan

My pals call me a genius
That I am certainly not
I read for the sake of reading
Thats what I am about

I only dream of things
Things that I can do
Not impossible things
Nor expensive stuff too

I'm a miser
I hate to spend
I save for me
To use in the end

I live for the future
Not dwelling in the past
My life is not at the finish
The road ahead is vast

I love to party
Make new friends
Just be casual
Try new trends

I only fear
But fear itself
This life of mine
Is on the bottom shelf

This is my Life
Just one long verse
But this life cannot be better
Be it a blessing or a curse!!

Pretty ME !!

With words i wove my wings
and added colors of friendship.
blessed with love from all,
i hop to new poetic flowers,
in the garden of life,
wanders me, the pretty butterfly :)